Underwood 150gr 10MM Penetration, Expansion and Velocity Testing

Penetration, expansion and velocity test of the Underwood Ammo 10mm 150gr grain Nosler JHP using Clear Ballistics Gelatin. 10MM is often thought of as a hunting cartridge only. I was looking for a self defense round in 10MM that would not over penetrate and yet have great expansion.

Advertised velocity of this ammunition on the box is 1500fps. I am unaware of the barrel length used by Underwood ammo to reach said velocity. I will be utilizing of course a revolver, S&W 610 with a 3 7/8in barrel and a Colt Delta Elite XE Gen 2 with a 5in barrel. These two pistols are most likely what I would be carrying in 10MM as a back woods companion to a hunting rifle. This application is for thin skin animal protection and against 2 legged predators looking for potential easy prey.

Would you carry or do you carry 10MM for self defense? Let me know in the comments.

Safety Warning

Please understand that these test will not represent real world scenarios. There are too many factors involved in a self-defense scenario to offer a 100% guarantee. It is very important to practice and train for the scenario’s you expect to encounter with your firearm and ammunition of choice as there is no compensation for great shot placement.

Ultimately YOU are responsible to ensure your pistol of choice is in great working condition. Please make sure you are using the correct cartridge for your firearm, and always follow safe firearm handling procedures.


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