Shooting the 1,000 1,200 & 1,500 Yard Milk Jug Challenges!

Here is a playlist with all 3 of my long-range milk jug challenges following the Long Range Shooters of Utah rules. It was a great time and a fantastic test to see how I stack up against the long list of excellent shooters who have also attempted the challenge.

Here are the rules for the Long Range Shooters of Utah Milk Jug Challenge; Official MJC Rules:

1 – Distance must be verified by laser range finder, GPS or Google Earth and found to be clearly farther than the distance for the challenge that is being attempted.

2 – Each shooter has a maximum of 10 shots within 10 minutes. ABSOLUTELY NO SIGHTERS are allowed. 10 shots in 10 minutes is very generous in most cases.

3 – Shooters may attempt the challenge up to 3 times in a 24 hours period but must rest a minimum of 30 minutes between each attempt.

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I used my Uintah Precision Bolt action UPR-10 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor for this challenge. The scope used is my SWFA fixed 12x scope. It has MOA turrets and an MOA reticle. The barrel is a 26” Shilen Match hand lapped barrel with a 1:8 twist. The rifle has a Velocity single stage trigger set at 3 lbs. Aero Precision lower with a Luth-AR rifle length stock. Ammunition used; Hornady 147g ELD-M bullets loaded in Atlas Development Group brass powder is H4350 with Federal Match primers. Velocity is right around 2700 FPS.

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