Custom Micrometer Seating Dies…Let’s Talk Some

I bought an RCBS custom seating die set for my .30-06 back in 1979 and it was pretty affordable then, but…nowadays they are pretty expensive. What if there was a way to make your custom micrometer seating die do more than one caliber? Would that be a good idea? Save a few bucks too?

If I had paid better attention then to the detailed parts drawing in the instruction manual, I might have figured this out long before now. I assumed all these years that it would only seat the .30-06, but…with a simple parts exchange I can now seat the .308W. and the 8mm. I feel stupid for not having known about this a long time ago but…like I keep saying…”Every Old Porch Dog can learn a few new tricks!”

Take a look at this video…I’ll explain.

Custom Seating Dies, Let’s Talk Some


If you decide to look into this for your seater die and find that you can do the same thing…be sure to comment below with the Brand Name and particulars of what you did so that it will help others here on TRN. I’m sure they’d appreciate it too.

Well Boys & Miss Kitty…it’s been a while since I have published anything because I’ve been pretty busy helping my brother build his dream shop…I’m mostly done now and can get back to playing around in the loading shop and hope to do a few more videos before the year is out…we’ll see about that. I hope you fellas can do the same trick with your expensive die sets to make them even more useful and save a few $’s too.

As I always say…”Take it easy Boys, have a good year’s end…watch that 6, be careful & don’t hurt yourselves!”


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