Walther P22Q Target Pistol

Walther P22Q Target Pistol

In this article I’m going to do another pistol review as we take a look at Walther Arms’ P22Q Target.  This is another nifty piece by Walther, this time with a design similar to their famous P99.


Once again we have a fairly basic plastic case with foam interior.  The P22Q Target also includes a detailed manual, spare magazine, several removable backstraps, some tools, and of course the pistol. One thing I really like about this case is the fact that it’s got a fitted foam liner rather than the usual generic egg carton style.  Walther’s also thinking ahead by including a pre-scored section just below where the picatinny rail would rest, so you can store the pistol with a laser, or light attachment.  Unfortunately for Canadian buyers, the case doesn’t include a lock ring which is a shame since it would have made a nice travel case if it did.

Features & Specs

Like pretty much everything Walther makes, the P22Q Target is a beauty.  Designed from the ground up specifically for the 22LR cartridge, this is a gorgeous compact pistol measuring in at 7.8″ long.  The extended barrel and faux-compensator helps add enough length to not only improve accuracy, but also ensure it complies with Canadian barrel length regulations in a way that only enhances the sleek styling of the gun.  Beneath that same barrel you’ll also find a picatinny rail allowing for the attachment of a laser-sight, or flashlight.

Owing to it’s innovative polymer frame and zinc-alloy slide, the P22Q Target is extremely lightweight at just 20oz, making it ideal for smaller stature shooters interested in something quick, and easy to use.  I’m not a big guy, so for me this is a great little pistol I can fire for hours without issue.

Another feature I love about this gun is that it’s got fully ambidextrous controls; the thumb safety is functional from both sides, as is the magazine release.  That’s a very attractive design in a .22LR since it makes it a far more versatile learning and training gun.  Lefty or righty, anyone can operate this pistol in a way that feels natural them which lets southpaws focus on their marksmanship rather than trying to remember which digit hits which switch.  In addition to the thumb safety, this pistol also features a magazine disconnect; rending the firearm inoperable when the mag is removed.  I know not everyone’s a fan of that, but I think it’s a nice feature in a non-combat pistol.  The sights are a standard set of three-dots.  They’re quick to acquire, and work well in low or dim lighting.  The rear sight is also windage adjustable.

Another neat little twist is the grip pattern.  While most pistols are restricted to either checking, or raised horizontal grooves, the style employed here is almost reminiscent of diamond plate.  This helps to make it resistant to sweat and grime, as well as easier to clean.

The magazine is a standard Walther ten-shot, Canadian-legal model made from folded metal with a plastic follower.  Although similar to the one Walther make for their licensed Colt 1911 22 pistols, I actually prefer this one as it has a much nicer thumb-saver.  Inspect it closely and you’ll immediately note that it’s both wider, and more contoured, making it much more comfortable to operate.  Just like those from the Colt, the P22Q Target’s magazines eject easily, and load smooth as butter.  Best of all, the pistol comes with two, so you’re not stuck trying to track down a spare.

  • Manufacturer – Walther Arms
  • Model – P22Q Target
  • Caliber – .22LR
  • Capacity – 10+1
  • Action – Semi-Automatic
  • Rifling – 1:10
  • Barrel Length – 5″
  • Overall Length – 7.8″
  • Weight – 20OZ
  • Finish – Matte Black
  • Classification – Restricted


It probably comes as no surprise that the fit and finish of this gun are superb.  Walther makes some of the nicest .22LR pistols I’ve ever encountered, and this one is no exception.  The slide rocks smoothly and evenly, the hammer is firm, and the trigger breaks like a glass rod in exactly the same position, every time.  Likewise, the matte black finish is flawless; every face and contour are perfect with no marring of any kind.


I don’t really have many complaints about the P22Q Target.  If you’re a very large shooter, or you’ve got big hands my guess is you may find this gun a bit on the small side, but still manageable. Wrapping it in some grip tape, or installing one of the included backstraps would probably help quite a bit.  If you already own a P99 and you’re itching for something similar in .22LR, just be aware that the P22Q Target IS smaller.  It’s also worth noting again for Canadian gun owners, the included form-fit case is lovely, but not legal for transportation or storage, meaning you’re going to have to buy something else to take it to the range.  Aside from those very minor gripes, I love the P22Q Target.  It’s clearly been made to some very exacting standards with a lot of forethought put into comfort, and functionality.  A very affordable gun, it makes an excellent choice as a first pistol, particularly for younger or female shooters, and lefties finding much of what’s available uncomfortably large or awkward to use.

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