How I Develop A Load For A Bullet With No Published Load Data

We should always use published load data when reloading ammunition, that is a standard safety practice. But what about when there is no published load data? We can not just pull a recipe out of thin air, pour powder in cases and seat bullets without the possibility of injury, death or destruction. However, if we are willing to take an educated risk and follow some logic we can in fact come up with safe recipes to load those unpublished projectiles.

I must say at this point, if you are an inexperienced reloader, watch the tutorial but stick with projectiles and powders for which you have published data until you have gained experience and knowledge to know if you are operating safely. This tutorial shows how I arrive at MY RECIPES, these are NOT YOUR RECIPES. If you break your firearm (or worse), you get to keep all the pieces. You have been sufficiently warned.

Now all that out of the way and moving right along, I want to develop a load for an Everglades Ammo 125 gr Competition JHP for 9mm. This is a load that will be used for target shooting, club competition …. and maybe sanctioned competition down the road. I currently do not have a chronograph, so I can only go by similar bullet published data to find starting loads and guesstimate what velocities I might be making towards making Minimum Power Factor.

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