The 300BLK Taco Bullet Mold aka “300BLK Bullet Mold for Dummies” Is Finished!

I originally wanted a bullet mold which I could use to cast a heavy 300blk bullet which was easy to cast, coat, load, and shoot for plinking in my 300 blk AR15 at subsonic speeds. I tried a few of the already available molds but had feeding issues, undersized issues, boat tail issues, or issues where the bore-riding section of the nose would get too thick and cause the bullet to have to be seated deeply in order to chamber. I drew this design up specifically for the people who want to cast, powder coat, and then shoot subsonics in the 300 blk, and do so inexpensively. Some people requested a tumble lube groove design also, so I worked with Al at NOE to finalize both designs. I asked Al if we could bypass the usual NOE group buy process and he agreed (as he has recently put together a 300blk ar15 and seemed very interested in this bullet design).

I picked up a couple of the lube groove versions (PB and GC) yesterday since they came off the machines first. I hurriedly cleaned them out and heat cycled them in time to do a little casting before the day was over. I should be picking up the Grooveless designs tonight and hope to cast soon with them also. I will try to have a working subsonic load ready soon and some video to post on the channel. If any of you guys are interested, they are on sale now or should go on sale in the next day or two, plus a combined discount with coupon code flt001 should be stackable for a significant discount over regularly priced molds. Links to the 2 mold styles:

Tumblelube Grooves:


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