6mm Creedmoor – Starting Load Development

In this video we start our reloading process. We determine the Load Data and COAL for our first loads for out initial reloading and how it was picked. We discuss load data for the Berger 105, Sierra Match King 107 gr HPBT, 110 gr SMK HPBT, 115 gr DTAC for our Ruger Precision Rifle in 6mm Creedmoor. Powders Discussed are Reloder 16, Hodgdon H4350, Hodgdon Superformance, and IMR 4451.

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Test Rifle:
Ruger precision Rifle Gen2 Stock barrel w/ RPR Hybrid Muzzle Brake
Standard Factory Adjustable Stock
Scope is a Vortex Razor Gen 2 in a Spuhr mount w/ integrated bubble level.

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