Reloading .223 By A Beginner Part Three – Powder, Seating, & Crimping

In this video of the series, we take a look at the approaches I take in load development to find a load that performs well in my rifle. The overall length on these cartridges would have been more consistent had I used the bullet comparator tool offered by several manufacturers. Being that these are soft point bullets, the tips are not all perfect and may measure slightly differently between each different bullet. The comparator tool measures length from the ogive of the bullet, which should provide a much better basis for determining consistency between cartridge lengths. Another point I missed in this video was corrected by Eagle Eye Shooting and Uncle Jim, which was to seat the bullet only halfway before spinning the cartridge and finishing the seating after spinning the cartridge. I was under the impression that the round should be turned after completely seating the bullet. I was also fairly impressed with how well the Lee Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure handled the extruded powder, Varget. The measure threw charges that were consistently within 0.3 grains of each throw. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for the final installment of this series where we put these rounds to the test and analyze our results!

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