.22lr Accuracy – We Review How to

Did you know that making that rifle shoot even better is just a screw turn away? With some time and effort you can do just that by adjusting the stock screw on the bottom of most rifles. By adjusting the INCH POUND torque you can increase or decrease the pressure relationship and harmonics between the barrel and the stock. We demonstrate the basic technique on a Ruger 10/22 but can used on almost any rifle which has the same form of stock attachment.

Here’s the data from the loads we tested in this video…

Aguila SuperExtra.959”.720”.702”.961”.636”
CCI Blazer 40gr.509”.435”.794”.544”.520”
CCI Subsonic 40grn/an/a.687”n/an/a
Winchester Bulk 3331.42”.848”.840”1.71”.832”
Fiocchi 320 40 grn/an/a.436”n/an/a
Norma Match-22 40grn/an/a.867”n/an/a
Norma Subsonic-22 40 gr HPn/an/a.508”n/an/a

Groups are measured from center of shot. 10 shot groups shot from a rest with bi-pod and sandbags at 50 yards & calm to light wind.
Flyers are included in the group diameter.

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