The Reloaders Network Weekly Recap 01.04-01.11

In this video we recap videos I watched from within and out of The Reloaders Network. I try not to give anything away while focusing on the bits that I learned or found awesome. Thank you for watching all links are below.

The Reloaders Network:

Big AL:

Insight Freedom:

James Pollard:

Full Lead Taco:

Charles Irby:

Uncle Jim:

Bigger Behind the Trigger:

Georgia Boy44:

West Desert Shooter:

The Big Man Outdoors:

PC Bullet Empire:

Furtune Cookie 45LC:

Johnny’s Reloading Bench:

Eagle Eye Shooting:

Ocean 374:

Ozark Spirit:

My Social Media Accounts:

Details on using The Reloaders Network Site:

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Music by: Kielobot and ProleteR

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