MAKING TARGETS . . . Recycle that cardboard!

Ok boys, thought I’d do a little video today to show you’all how easy and cheap it is to make your own targets and specific to your purposes. Standard bullseye targets get real old real fast and if you want them to show clean cut holes then you need a good target backer to go behind the store bought targets.

These targets I make utilize the target backer itself…no need for spray glue or a staple gun or…the store bought targets. Take a minute or 20 and watch this video and you too will be an expert target maker in minutes…heck, might even become an expert shooter too, if Ya practice enough. I wouldn’t know about that part…I ain’t there yet!

Alright…did Ya get all that? No problems heh? Good…have fun out there Boys, watch that 6, have a real good time and don’t hurt yourselves!

Thanks for watching . . . charlie

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