Weatherby PA-459 Shotgun

Weatherby PA-459 Shotgun

With all the fancy new tactical shotguns hitting the market right now, I thought it might be nice to take a look at a bit of a classic in the field, the Weatherby PA-459.

Originally conceived as a tough, reliable tactical shotgun at an affordable price, the PA-459 delivers all the core features shotgun enthusiasts are looking for without a lot of other fluff.


Measuring in at 40″ overall including the 18.5″ barrel, this is a surprisingly light and well balanced shotgun thanks to the aluminum receiver.  That detail combined with the use of polymer furniture keeps the total a very manageable 6.5lbs. Between the low weight and pre-installed swivel studs, this is one shotgun you won’t mind lugging around.

As with most tube-fed shotguns, the Weatherby will hold a respectable 5+1 rounds of 2 3/4″ 12G, providing plenty of followup firepower.  It’ll chow down on 3″ shells just as happily, but at a reduced capacity of one round due to the extra length.

In terms of fit, every component of this firearm from the crossbar safety and slide release, to the action and trigger feels butter-smooth and cycles reliably. The extra-long fore-grip also makes it a breeze for shooters of all sizes to find and maintain a solid purchase, even in damp, rainy conditions.

The finish is likewise excellent. This particular model is standard black however Weatherby also offers this shotgun in digicam and skull themed camo patterns. The coating on this one is very consistent and even, with no marring or tool marks that would leave exposed metal or detract from its appearance.


To help you direct that flow of lead, the gun includes a set of removable ghost ring sights with front fiber optic tube for easy acquisition.  If iron’s not your thing, the PA-459 also has a picatinny top-rail which can be used to mount supplementary optics.  If you’re a shotgun enthusiast, chances are you’re also well-acquainted with the abuse they can inflict on the operator.  Weatherby has addressed this through the inclusion of a large, rubberized pistol grip, heavy-duty stock, and integrated recoil pad that do a great job of saving your shoulder, particularly when using 3″ slugs.

If you’re more inclined to hunt foul than fauna, you’ll be pleased to note the PA-459 includes a standard cylinder bore ported choke that can be removed and swapped out for narrower models that will help tighten up pattern spreads.  Just a quick note, the additional chokes are not included, so you’ll need to purchase them separately.


The PA-459 is versatile enough to be popular with hunters, target shooters, and law enforcement, making it a great choice for anyone with big ambitions facing challenges in the form of space or funds for multiple shotguns.  A very budget-friendly piece, the Weatherby PA-459 regularly retails for roughly half to 2/3 the cost of a Remington 870, making it an excellent option.


Barrel Length18.5″
Overall Length40″
FinishMatte Black


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