Budget-Priced Chinese eBay Mossberg Shotshell Carrier

Budget-Priced Chinese eBay Mossberg Shotshell Carrier

Recently I was looking for a shell carrier to install on my Mossberg Maverick 88, and was horrified to see that anything that didn’t require me to glue something to the receiver, or put screws directly into the stock started at $75.  Considering I only paid a couple hundred bucks for this gun to begin with, there was no way I was going to spend almost half that again on a shell carrier.

Ordinarily I steer clear of anything that seems suspiciously cheap, but while perusing eBay I noticed a few people selling cheap, Chinese-made carriers.  Upon closer inspection they really didn’t look that bad, and at fifteen bucks including shipping, I figured what the heck.

Well, my carrier showed up in the mail recently, and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

Contents & Construction

Included with the kit are the carrier, three bolts that replace the stock hardware, and well as an Allen wrench.  The finish on these is pretty lackluster, but mounting hardware isn’t something I get too worked up about.

The unit itself is a two-piece design consisting of a metal base plate that bolts onto the receiver, and a removable, six-slot carrier that locks into place using a pair of spring-loaded bearings. The carrier is made of a tough, rigid plastic with just enough give to hold the shells snugly.  Aside from a bit of plastic flashing around the slots, the whole thing seems surprisingly well made.


Installation’s a five minute job at most.  As this carrier is specifically designed for the Mossberg Maverick 88, 500 or 590, the plate just lines up with the existing holes in the shotgun’s receiver as seen in the video above.

To install, the operator begins by opening the action and removing the ejector screw shown above.

Next, using a brass punch and mallet, the user removes the trigger assembly pin.

With the mounting plate held firmly against the receiver, the operator next flips the shotgun over, and installs the replacement trigger assembly bolt.  The end of this bolt will extend through the receiver and thread into the carrier’s mounting plate, holding it in place.

Now the user can proceed to install the replacement ejector screw, then thread the included nut over top the carrier’s mounting plate to lock it in position.

Believe it or not, that’s all there is to it.  With the installation complete, the operator can now slide the carrier into the mount, and it’s good to go.


I know that by this point some readers will be rolling their eyes at a cheap accessory like this, but honestly I’m quite pleased with it.  It installs easily, holds up to the recoil of firing without issue, can be removed quickly and without uninstalling the actual mounting plate, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  At a measly $15 delivered to my door, it’s hard to complain.

That’s a win in my books, and I’ve already ordered another for my 500C.

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