Lee Precision’s PaceSetter Die Set vs Ultimate Rifle Die Set

Lee Precision’s PaceSetter Die Set vs Ultimate Rifle Die Set

If you’re new to reloading rifle cartridges, choosing the proper die set can be tricky– particularly if you get some bad advice from folks who really don’t know what they’re talking about.  In order to help you make the right choice when buying equipment, lets take a look at Lee Precision’s PaceSetter and Ultimate Rifle Die Sets, and break down the differences between them.

Rifle Casings

Unlike pistol cartridges which usually feature a straight-walled case, most rifle cases are bottle-necked, meaning they have a main case body, as well as a neck, both of which are different diameters.  As a result of this, some rifle reloaders elect to size only the neck, while others will resize the entire case, including the body.  There are a number of reasons for this, but we’ll cover those in a future video.

PaceSetter Die Set

Getting back to the die sets; the PaceSetter kit includes the standard seating and crimping dies, as well as a full length resizing die that will restore both the case neck, as well as the body back to factory specifications.

Ultimate Rifle Die Set

The Ultimate Rifle Die Set has those same three dies, plus a neck sizing die which exclusively resizes the case neck, leaving the body untouched.


To sum things up; if all you want to do is load rifle cartridges to their original factory specifications, save your money and buy the PaceSetter die set.  It’s got everything you need and is the perfect choice for most reloaders.

If you’d prefer to reload rifle cartridges without resizing the entire casing back to factory specifications, and instead prefer to just size the neck, you’ll want to buy the Ultimate Rifle die set.

Other than that one extra die, there’s absolutely no difference between these two products in terms of materials, quality, warranty, etc.


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