How Many Times Can You Load Winchester XPERT 3 inch STEEL Hulls ? – WATERFOWL EDITION!

In this series we review just how many times reloading shotgun hulls is too many. These Winchester Super X Xpert 3 inch Steel loads are not what they appear on the surface. We all know the high cost of steel waterfowl shotgun shells can put the hurt on a good day in the field, but what if you could load some yourself? Are these THE hulls for loading your own?

We’re here to cut through the hype and bring you the facts JACK! This time we “Didn’t Forget the Gravy” and we go till they b | 0 w up ( @LL@H @K B@ R style!)

Check out our playlist for the complete list of hulls we have tried so far…
Hey, How Many Times Can You Load That Hull?

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