20G & .410 Filler Wad/Overshot and Full-size Wad Punches

20G & .410 Filler Wad/Overshot and Full-size Wad Punches

Since my 12G wad and filler wad punches went into production last year, I’ve received well over a hundred inquiries from folks interested in additional gauges.  Without a doubt the two most often requested are 20G and .410 bore.  With that in mind, I’ve been hard at work designing, prototyping, and testing four new punches to produce full-sized wads, as well as filler wads and overshot cards for both of these.

Filler Wad/Overshot Punches

Beginning with the Filler Wad punches, these produce discs measuring 0.345″ and 0.530″, suitable for use in .410 and 20G shells respectively.  These can be used either as filler wads to customize shot columns, or overshot cards for obtaining tight crimps.

Full-size Wad Punches

Moving on to the wad punches; these will create full-sized .410 and 20G wads that can be used in place of a conventional plastic shotshell wads.  These are ideal for anyone looking to load biodegradable, black powder, or brass hulls– or who just want to be able to produce their own components.

As of the publication date of this article, the 20G and .410 punches are $70USD each, plus $15USD for tracking shipping anywhere in North America.  Alternatively, international shipping is also available upon request.

Email me at greg@tatvcanada.com or visit my project site and shop at https://www.tatvcanada.com for inquiries or to make a purchase.

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