2019 Plans, Projects and a special Announcement

Good morning Reloaders!

I wanted to take a minute to write up some of our plans for 2019 so you’ll all have an idea of what to expect! Some will be much like we do now while other ideas will be out of the norm for us though still very exciting! We are branching out a bit from the norm to help grow our channel and reach new people while still providing honest content.

First up, to help fund our projects I’ve started a store front at Tee Spring (Vaughn Precision HIT). You can pick up some cool swag, iPhone cases, bags etc.. Here’s a link to that! 100% of any profit will go directly in to growing our channel and business for the coming year(s) while providing new content for you, the viewers!

Vaughn Precision HIT Store

2019 Plans, Projects and a special Announcement 1

I’ll itemize a list of projects you can expect to see, many won’t be listed or this will simply become too long! Starting off!

  1. Tract Response Scope Review
  2. Remington 700 SA with Boyd’s stock build
  3. MantisX review, a great training tool for pistol shooters
  4. Peterson Brass
  5. Primary Arms scopes, we have 2 in hand already
  6. Olympic Arms UltraMatch AR-15
  7. Mighty Armory Dies
  8. MEC Shotgun Reloading
  9. NovaGrade Scope attachments
  10. Game Cameras (CamPark)
  11. Annie Annealing Machine (1.7 seconds to anneal a case)!!
  12. More on the MEC Marksman Press
  13. Pistol Reloading, 9mm and 10mm
  14. Frankford Arsenal tumbler and hand primer
  15. Gamo TSX Extreme Air Rifle
  16. Hunting, lots of hunting this year
  17. Cooking wild game, yes if we shoot it we eat it (excluding coyotes/marmots) but snakes are on the menu!
  18. Ballistic charts and app, I’ll be posting on the Ballistics Channel as well so you can follow me there to!
  19. Sinclair Expanding Die
  20. Powder Drop (RCBS)
  21. Gun Juice, increased velocity? We’ll see
  22. Barrel Break-in
  23. Barrel Cleaning

Ok, that’s a long enough list to get you started! There will be more video than that, we anticipate about a video a week and maybe more!

I’d like to say, MEC has partnered with us! James (Loads of Bacon) set the stage for us before arriving at SHOT Show. I was pleased they took some time to speak to me and after shot we had some follow up conversations. I will say, the folks at MEC are great people in general. They’ve been so polite and professional, we need more folks like that in this world! They are sending me a Shotgun reloading press, I should have that in my hands early next week and will be posting on that soon. I’ll also be following up on the MEC Marksman, still amazed at the overall quality of the Marksman and the ammunition it’s producing.

So, the big announcement! 

We’ve been working hard on creating some courses that will be available to purchase and download. I’m not spilling the beans on what the courses will contain just yet, I’ll do that in the introduction video coming out in a week or two. But here’s what I can tell you! The current map to this project contains 6 courses, each course will have between 3-6 videos. Each video will be 20-45 minutes in length depending on the subject and how detailed it needs to be. I’ll try to keep them to that 20-30 minute mark so they won’t be so long to watch. I’m going to try and keep the pricing on these affordable to EVERYONE! That said, it looks like at this point we could be reaching 7 to 8 courses!

Part of keeping the price down was to get some great companies on board to help us out, like MEC.! There are other companies in the works though we haven’t worked out all the details just yet so I don’t want to put the cart before the horse!

These downloads will ONLY be available here on TRN. I have no plans of offering them on any other platform so you’ll be the first to know when each course is released.!

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who purchased the Precision Rifle Reloading download! Your support of our business is greatly appreciated and we will do our best to continue bringing new informative content!

Curt V.


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