‘Charlie’s James-Thang Challenge’

Welcome to the first challenge of this fine new year…it’s going to last all summer or until everyone says they give up or lose interest.

It’s a ‘challenge’ and it’s on the personal level…it’s about learning a little different shooting style than you may have been accustomed to. Basically, in my estimation it is ‘defensive shooting training’ albeit only one aspect of that training, this is about shooting quickly and deadly accurate. It’s just the training we should consider, especially if you conceal carry.

Several of us in the #-ole-porch-dogs channel on Slack Chat have been talking about this for several weeks now. The idea is to challenge yourself to become more proficient with your sidearm or hand held weapon of choice.

There are no rules about calibers or how hot they are loaded, mild is as good as a major power factor load…it doesn’t matter to us. I would suggest that you shoot a comparable powered round to your personal defense round should you go around heeled.

Let’s get started…let’s keep it simple too

Silhouettes are preferred and their size is 18″ tall and 14″ wide…make them for yourselves by scrounging some corrugated board boxes and use a marking pen…whatever makes you smile.

Shooting distance is 10 yards.

Use a timer; there are phone apps if you need one. Timing is for 3 shots. When the timer sounds you place 2 rounds in center of mass and 1 shot to the head. Note your times and post them with a picture of your completed and ‘dated’ target. I suggest you keep your target pictures in an album to refer to them and gauge your progress. Don’t post all the times, just the times you average for the day, your high time and your lowest and best time. We want to see this information in the chat channel so others may critique and help you learn this quickly. Let’s not argue the wisdom of the coup-de-gras, try to remember we are training and having to change your POA will benefit you. Many are videoing themselves and posting that too on TRN, the video tells just about all and will benefit you in quicker improvement.

You start from the ‘low ready’, pistol pointing down in front of you at a 45º angle. There will be ‘no holster drawing’ as that is a study in itself given all the concealed methods of cary. ‘Don’t do it.’

I suggest that you shoot 48 rounds per session, that’s just a suggestion…not mandatory. Shoot as many challenges as you wish, the point is to learn to be fast and accurate.

As I said before we will monitor and critique your results in the #-ole-porch-dogs channel on the Slack Chat. Critique means to offer suggestions for improvement. It does not mean that anyone is going to bust your rump, poke fun or try to embarrass, this is all about personal improvement and having a dang good time doing it!

Here we go…let me take the first dose of humiliation…heheee

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