Ultimate big bore lever action penetration test 348 win 45-90 WCF, 300 WSM, 50-110, 32-20 WCF

Drywall penetration test starting with the 1892 Lever action rifle in 32-20 working our way up to the Big bore 50-110 WCF starting with the 92 Winchester followed by the 71 Winchester, 1886 Browning, then last but not least the 1886 Winchester and 50-110 WCF Include it in the test is the 32-20 WCF what’s 100 grain copper coated bullet, and 115 grain hard cast, 

348 Winchester with a 200 grain FTX bullet and a 250 grain Barnes bullet, 348 Ackley improved was it 200 grain FTX bullet, 

300 Winchester short mag with 162 grain bullet 168 grain bullet a 208 grain bullet and 150 grain SST at 3400fps, 

45-90 with a 300 grain jacketed soft point

50-110 WCF 300 grain Barnes soft nose 450 grain Barnes soft nose 550 grain hard cast, 535 grain gas check hard cast heat treated bullet 


Got the idea from watching the WHO_TEE_WHO YouTube channel

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