New Reloading Tools 2019 Sneak-Peek!

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve started receiving a lot of questions about the delays between them, so I thought I’d take a couple minutes and update folks on what I’ve been working on.

Winter and early Spring can be pretty cold here, so I don’t generally do a lot of recreational or test shooting this time of year.  With that in mind, I’ve been hard at work designing and prototyping new reloading tools, including gauge-specific hull mouth repair tools for 12G, 20G and 410, and an all-new hull trimmer with multiple length guides.

Those have all been fun to work on, but what I’m really excited to tell you about about are my prototype press-mounted roll crimper and 12G reloading dies built for Lee Precision single stage presses!  These are designs I’ve been chipping away at since last Fall, and both have gone through multiple revisions, but are finally entering the testing phase.

The roll crimp tool is designed to mount in any Lee Precision single stage press, where it takes full advantage of the stabilized and level platform provided by Lee’s time-tested O-style construction.  The system does not require a drill press (although I may release a version for this at some point), and can be operated by hand, making it perfect for folks reloading at the cottage, trailer or range.

Loading 12G shotshells on a standard metallic cartridge press is something I’ve long dreamed of doing.  I own several MEC presses, and I love them, but with the price of reloading equipment moving ever skywards, it’s not hard to understand where someone may prefer to leverage what they’ve already got rather than buy all new machinery.  Likewise if you don’t have the space to support multiple presses, reusing your existing single stage may be a more attractive proposition.  This kit will include everything you need to deprime, resize, prime, and load shotshells from start to finish using just one single die.  Add a roll crimper and you’ve got yourself a complete benchtop shotshell factory, ready to go.

That’s all for the sneak peak, but stay tuned for a full rundown on each of these plus some other announcements for even more new reloading equipment in the next couple weeks!

As always, for all the details on all my current, future and completed projects, as well as to order online please visit



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