My last time using Hodgdon Trail Boss

Hodgdon Trail Boss is a great smokeless powder for cartridges like the old 45-70 Government or subsonic load in .308 Winchester. The large volume of this powder makes it possible to fill up a large case for a safe powder burning without the high pressures that would come into play with other smokeless powders. Thanks to the EU it seems to be impossible for us to buy more of this and other US made reloading powders in the future. There is a REACH list from the EU where all the chemical importers must declare what and how much of each chemical they would like to import per year. It seems to be a very long and expensive way the receive the permit for the importers so it doesn`t make sense for them.

Because of this I thought I would use my soft shooting handload for the 45-70 Government to empty the last bottle of Trail Boss….

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