Charlie James Thang Challenge Day 2 — Charlie & James Gets A Bill

Get Out and Practice

Charlie and James over at remind us we need to get out and challenge ourselves to remain proficient in defensive encounters. Be careful folks, this could be a new addiction. Because of this I feel Charlie and James are responsible; I think I will be sending them a bill for my reloading supplies.

Day2 Kimber K6S vs S&W Model 64

On day one in this video: Defensive Challenge — Snub Nose Revoler, The S&W model 64 is up against the highly tuned and modified S&W model 65. Uncontested the S&W model 64 defeated the S&W model 65 to move on to round two against the Kimber K6S. Is the young contender Kimber K6S capable of dethroning the old champ S&W model 64?


After seeing this video we need you all to be the judge. Leave a comment letting me know who you think the winner is and who should move on.

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