Project Mighty Mouse

Project Mighty Mouse 3

It has been a long long winter this year in Wyoming. In fact, as I am typing this post it is calling for another 6-10 inches of snow in my area over the next 24 hours. It’s April 9th and supposed to be spring!!! The snow has made it pretty much impossible to go do the long range shooting that we like to do, or even be able to get out to the area we use as our range. Even when the snow is gone it will be a while before all the hills dry out enough to get any real distance shooting done. Oh well, at least I had this fun rifle build, “Project Mighty Mouse”, to keep me busy this winter. So I guess you might need a little history on what this new build is and how we came up with the idea. Well, Steve and I work together and this allows us to have some interesting conversations over our lunch break and throughout the day. In fact, that’s how we came up with the whole zombie head challenge idea. Well on this one particular day we must have been feeling like we wanted to do something crazy. So we thought it would be cool to build a .223 with a long fast twist barrel and just see how far we could get a hit on our 24″x24″ plate with it. How far would be our goal? Well how does 2000 yards sound? Crazy? Yeah that’s what we thought as well, until we started crunching numbers on our ballistic apps. We figured if we could get some of the new .224 caliber bullets in the 80-90gr range that are now available (thanks 224 Valkyrie) and put them in a 223 that has a decent throat length to allow for more powder and get them running fast, we just might be able to get to 2000, hence the name “Project Mighty Mouse”. Lucky for us I had a Savage 110e chambered in 243win that I was wanting to do something special with. That action would work as a platform for us to start this build from. One trip to the Internet and a credit card number later I had a 28″ 1:7 twist Savage bull contour barrel chambered in 223 Wylde from X-caliber Barrels on the way. Closely followed by a 223 bolt head, recoil lug and barrel nut from PTG.

Project Mighty Mouse 5Project Mighty Mouse 7Project Mighty Mouse 9

Now I just needed to do something with that factory stock. I could just order a stock for it but with how unique this project idea already was that felt a little too easy. So I decided to modify the factory stock to better suit the long range shooting we had planned. Into Steve’s shop we went, and after making the first cut we were pretty committed. We widened the forend and added some wood to the butt stock to allow for a more vertical grip. We cut a piece out of the comb to make an adjustable cheek riser that used a aluminum block riser system we designed (over another lunch conversation). After the glue dried I took it back to my house to do the shaping, sanding, bedding and finally applying a gloss black paint coat to it.

Project Mighty Mouse 11Project Mighty Mouse 13Project Mighty Mouse 15Project Mighty Mouse 17Project Mighty Mouse 19Project Mighty Mouse 21Project Mighty Mouse 23Project Mighty Mouse 25

So now it’s on to load development and proof of concept. So what is the plan you might ask? Well, the idea is to see how fast we can push the Hornady 88gr ELDM and put this gun up to all of our long range rifle challenges, from 1000 yards all the way to 2000 yards. Will it be up to the task? Will it fail miserably? Well, you will just have to wait and see If Mighty Mouse is capable of what we think it might be.

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