Testing Woodleigh’s 500 grain flat nose bullet

Testing Woodleigh 50 Alaskan/50-110 Winchester 500 grain welded core Flat-nose bullet, recommended impact velocity of 1700 to 2200 FPS. Ours had an impact velocity of 2000 FPS, penetrated 4 gallon jugs of water, ended up with a retained weight of 497 grains, and expanded to 1.10 inches. I really like the flat nose on this bullet. It fits in the 50-110 perfectly. With this load, a muzzle velocity of 2033 fps and a muzzle energy of 4589 foot pounds, the impact velocity at 100 yards is 1710 FPS and 3246 foot pounds of energy. I’m gonna drop a link below to the Barnes 450 grain bullet.
Barnes 450 grain bullet hi velocity vs low velocity vs water

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