New here and this is my first post, “Shotgun Slug Loading”

I have been working lately on furthering the science of Shotgun Slug Loading and trying to get something close to rifle like accuracy from the big boolits. I have some designs in mind that should prove workable.

I also have some Premium Shotgun Slugs to group and three different shotguns to fire them from. These will be used as baseline standards for accuracy. One of these (Lightfield) is supposed to be the best there is, so if I can duplicate that performance then I’ve actually got something worthy of note.

The First Gun is a 1963 Browning A5 which I recently redid and added a Browning Buck Special Slug Barrel and a Hastings Rifled Barrel, both with good open sights.

New here and this is my first post, “Shotgun Slug Loading” 1

So far this gun has only shot one group for record from the Smoothbore Barrel using Federal Low Recoil Slugs at 1300 fps as a test, which yielded a 1″ x 1.5″ three shot group at 50 yards shot off a Lead Sled.

New here and this is my first post, “Shotgun Slug Loading” 3.

Other guns include a Mossberg M500 with a 24″ Rifled Barrel and another Mossberg M500 with a 20″ Vang Comped Barrel which shoots slugs really well.

I have many home made cast and turned slugs to test and will be loading them myself. I am currently working on getting CA F&G Certification for a Non Toxic 12 ga slug for use in California which should come soon.

I have a long history of Shooting and Reloading dating back the the late 1950’s, and I started Reloading in 1971.  I started reloading shotshells 20 years ago but only started loading Slugs and Buckshot last year.

I also manufacture the Finest Portable Hand Reloading Press known to man and just sold #162 in the run. New here and this is my first post, “Shotgun Slug Loading” 5

It will load virtually any Center Fire Cartridge short of .50 BMG, and you can use it anywhere. It has been in production since 2016.

 My Website is

So that’s all for this first post.   I will be trying to improve my Video skills so that I can post them as soon as possible. Lots more to come from this one.


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