New Lee Universal Case Feeder

I purchased the new Lee Universal Case Feeder about 3 weeks ago and I finally had a chance to set it up.  My initial impressions are very positive and I believe it is a vast improvement over the original case feeder that came with my Lee Loadmaster.  The universal feeder keeps you from having to change out the feeder based on the caliber you are loading.

The feeder I was using came with my Loadmaster setup for 223.  It would not be able to feed cases for 9mm or any other calibers without modification, so I decided to purchase the universal feeder.  The change over was fairly easy, and fairly simple to switch over based on the caliber you are loading.  The directions tell you which way to set up the feeder based on the small hole or large hole.  The riser that comes with the feeding mechanism itself is a great addition that keeps rifle cases from tipping over when they are being fed onto the press.

I plan to run it through some more paces soon and will do a complete review on the case feeder in the near future.

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