Project Mighty Mouse Step One: 1000 Yards

Well with the load work complete and with Mighty Mouse sighted in at 100 yards it’s finally time to see if Mighty Mouse can dispatch a zombie at distance. So out to our shooting area we went. I must say I was pretty nervous once we got everything set up and it was time to start sending lead down range. I knew I had a good zero and made really good notes about the atmospheric conditions when I zeroed the rifle so I grabbed the elevation turret and put the 24 MOA that my ballistic app said I would need to get to 1000. Coriolis would eat up some of my spin drift with the direction I was shooting and we only had a very slight breeze so I just put a little into the windage turret 1.75 MOA is all it took. What happened next? Well watch the video and you will find out. All in all I’m pretty happy with the performance from this rifle. Next Step is the 1200 yard Zombie!! Stay tuned!!

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