Move Over Dad! Let Me Show You How Its Done!

We have said it before and I will say it again. One of the hazards of teaching your kids how to shoot long range is that they might just shoot better than you. Well, after I took Mighty Mouse out and had success at 1000 yards my daughter Paige said she wanted to give it a try, so of course I let her. Now Paige has never shot past 500 yards and has only shot a center fire rifle once before this so I expected her to struggle just a little shooting Mighty Mouse at 1000, but man was I wrong! This little stinker sat down and cold bore hit the zombie with her first shot! Then she backed it up with a consecutive hit and was able to keep all 10 shots on the backer plate. Now I know there are areas where she can improve her marksmanship as would be expected, but holy cow, for her first time shooting at 1000 yards I would say she did pretty dang good. Please enjoy the video.

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