Testing some powders and bullets from other TRN members

I apologize in advance for not talking in this video, but I didn’t want to interrupt the other guys shooting and chatting near me. James Pollard sent me a whole lot of 230gr cast Lee bullets for my 1911 and some 95gr 9MM bullets. I loaded up a bunch to test out using some powders that I received from The Crazy Scotsman, which were Power Pistol and Unique. Unique didn’t make it into this video, but I did load up some of the 95gr bullets using that powder and managed to obtain 1290 fps! Also, I traded my 2 cavity Lee 356-125-2R mold to Harm who in return sent me the Lee 452-200-RF. I loaded up 8 rounds using 6.7gr of True Blue powder and they performed beautifully! Thanks for watching!

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