You Just Might Already Own A Long Range Rifle

A common thought that people often have is, “I don’t own anything that can shoot that far.” Well, you’re probably wrong. Go to your gun safe and grab your trusty deer rifle and you just might have all you need to start long range shooting. Many of the most popular hunting rifles are more than capable of shooting distances like 1000 yards without much, if any, modification other than finding a load with a quality bullet that the rifle likes. If you have a 30-06, 270 win, 7mm08, 7mm rem mag, 308 win, 243 or many other popular hunting rounds you already have a caliber capable of reaching 1000 yards. I set out to prove my point with my Ruger M77 Mark ii chambered in 7mm Rem mag. The only thing that has been done to this rifle is last fall I dropped it into a Boyds Pro Varmint Stock; that’s it! Factory trigger, factory barrel, it even has an old Redfield Tracker 3-9 scope on it that I got when I purchased the rifle 21 years ago. No fancy turrets, no long range reticle, it doesn’t even have parallax adjustment! I’m sure many of you have a rifle quite similar to this collecting dust in your safe right now. To prove my point that you can probably take you hunting rifle and shoot 1000 yards with it, I grabbed my old ruger and shot our 1000 yard zombie with it. Now I know this rifle isn’t the ideal long range setup. I’m not saying it is, but what I’m saying is that if you’re not trying your hand at long range because you think you don’t have a rifle that can do it, and you have a good hunting rifle in the safe, you’re probably wrong. Now go dust that boomstick off and take it out to the range. You just might be surprised how far you can stretch it out and get impacts with it. Check out the pictures and enjoy the video.

You Just Might Already Own A Long Range Rifle 7

You Just Might Already Own A Long Range Rifle 9

You Just Might Already Own A Long Range Rifle 11

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