Discussing headspace and what it did for my rifle

I am by no means an expert on rifle reloading. So when I found that my primers were backing out of the primer pocket, I scratched my head for quite a while until some tips from a few good friends here on TRN led me to investigate a headspace issue. I purchased the Hornady headspace comparator bushing and realized that my rifle has somewhat of a loose chamber. The measurement to the datum point on my .223 cases from the case base averaged around 1.450 inches and my fire formed brass measured to 1.4585′. I was setting the shoulder back .008″ and didn’t even realize I was doing it. Once I set my resizing die to the correct amount of headspace, I no longer saw any issues with primers backing out of the primer pocket upon firing, as well as prolonging my brass life by not over working the case shoulder. I hope this video helps a few people and thank you to Eagle Eye Shooting, 243 Outdoors, and Uncle Jim for sharing potential causes of my wacky primers.

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