Ruger Alaskan 454 Casull — Rifle Primer Test

I purchased this Ruger Alaskan used many years ago, got a great deal on it, and when I went to fire some of my reloads I found out why. The Alaskan would only ignite 50%, if that, of my reloads. It proved to be 100% with Hornady factory ammunition. I called and also wrote Hornady to explain the issue asking what primers they utilized but was not given an answer due to lawyers and risk. So it has sat in the safe for a very long time, as we all know Hornady 454 Casull Ammunition can be expensive. After spicing it up a bit with nice burl grips from my wife as a gift, I decided this thing really needs diagnosed or it would go back to Ruger to be fixed.

That’s where the video begins.

FortuneCookie and other 454 reloaders out there, I am looking for a 454 load which pushes the Hornady XTP at about 1450fps. That might be stretching it a bit for the short snubbie.

So what’s your favorite 454 Casull load?

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