I Killed The Chrono … Learn From My Mistake

I’ve been mostly missing of late, making a living often gets in the way of living. But working over-time has afforded me to pick up a few things, one of them is a chronograph. A Competition Electronics ProChrono DLX with built in bluetooth to be exact. I also picked up a 3rd gen iPad from a co-worker for $50.

I played around in the back yard learning my way around the software using my BB rifle. Now off to the range to try this puppy out! 2nd shot of live fire was terminal. I was in shock, I was literally sick on my stomach for a few minutes. But I’m not here to just tell you all the wonderful things I’ve learned in reloading, I’m here to let you learn from my mistakes as well.

  • First nugget of knowledge, the Ruger LCP2 has a nice trigger as does the Glock 42,  the Smith and Wesson Bodyguards do not. I bought the Bodyguard for its diminutive size to pocket carry.
  • Second nugget of knowledge, sun shields are cheap to replace, chronos are not. Take a note from the Air Force and aim high.

There! I’ve advanced your learning curve.

Hopefully soon I’ll be talking about the Hornady Case Gauge/Comparator I picked up and have some pictures of my AR pistol build.

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