300 Win Mag – Thompson Center Compass – Load development 220 Sierra Match King and Hodgdon Retumbo

300 Win Mag load development with the Thompson Center Compass using the 220 gr Sierra Match King and Hodgdon Retumbo. Up to this point find a Low SD load has proved very difficult. We implement the Scot Satterlee load development data that we generated previously and use that information to choose our test loads in our journey to find a great load for our Thompson Center Compass. This was a $200 rifle that we are going to test to see how accurate it can be with a very budget setup. We load up SIG Brass with the Federal 215M Primers.

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Thompson center compass 300 Winchester Magnum
Boyds Pro Varmint Stock with adjustable comb height
EWG 20 MOA scope base
SWFA fixed 16 power scope
Seekins Precision Scope Rings
MCARBO trigger spring kit

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