Buchanan Precision Machine Hand Press

So since this is “The Reloaders Network”, here’s a post on the Finest Portable Hand Operated Reloading Press anyone has ever made.

I designed this tool several years ago and have been marketing it on various websites including my own.

I am a Machinist/Toolmaker by trade and set out to make something that was a cut above the Lee Hand Press and all others that have preceded it, and leave behind something that would outlast me and stand the test of time. After selling 175 of these tools over the last 2 1/2 years with no negative feedback from buyers whatsoever, I think I might have gotten it right.

Buchanan Precision Machine Hand Press 1

I figure this would be of interest to the people here as it is essentially a single stage reloading press that you don’t have to bolt down to a bench. You can use it anywhere.  It fits nicely into a Boyt 13 x 7 Pistol Case which comes with it

Buchanan Precision Machine Hand Press 3

It has the power to resize virtually any normal brass cartridge. (No .50 BMG.) Pistol cartridges are a breeze, and most rifle cartridges also size easily.  I have one guy who did .577 NE on his tool at the campfire in Namibia and loaded over 150 rounds while on a 6 week depredation hunt there. I have several long distance shooters who reload their .338 Lapuas and I have another guy who actually swages bullets on his. I have seen some comments on various websites talking about how the tool looks hard to use, and my retort is that anyone who has actually held the tool and used it, or any of the 175 owners would say otherwise.  One of my first tests was .375 Weatherby cases and they went in and back out so easy I figured there wasn’t much reason for more testing. There is a video review on the tool on Ultimate Reloader showing Gavin sizing .308 machine gun brass in one stroke.  I have to use three strokes on my Rockchucker to size that brass!

I load all my “Non Bulk” ammo on my personal tools and those include .223 specialty rounds, .308, .30-06, .303 Brit, .30-30, .30 Carbine, .44 Special and Magnum, and .45-70’s. Bulk .223, .40 S&W and .45 ACP get loaded on the D550B.

Reloading operations are done exactly the same way you’d do it on any single stage press. I recommend holding the press on your lap to size cases, then sit if on a table and maybe use a small bar clamp to clamp it to the table to facilitate the other loading operations which frees up your hands.  This tool does something that no other tool like it does. it will stand up by itself!

Buchanan Precision Machine Hand Press 5

The tool is made from CNC machined aluminum bar stock, stainless steel and O1 drill rod for the guides. It is black anodized and laser engraved. It has a universal shell holder that will accept any standard shell holder, and accepts all common reloading dies with 7/8-14 threads.  There is also another version which utilizes the Hornady LnL Quick Change Die System, and it is my best seller, and the one I use personally the most.

I make no bones about claiming this is the finest tool of its type ever produced and everyone who has held one has agreed. These are available on my Website buchananprecisionmachine.com, and if you are someone who has limited space or lives in a  trailer or small apartment or simply enjoys loading your ammo at the Kitchen Table in the house instead of standing in the cold or got garage… this tool may be of interest to you.

My complete Portable Reloading Kit with everything I need to reload several calibers fits in a medium sized tool bag and takes up less space than my bug out bag. It is a complete “Grab and Go” system that will work anywhere, and it will work for you too!

Buchanan Precision Machine Hand Press 7

Here’s my video showing loading of .44 Magnum Cartridges using the LnL Version of the Press.

And here is Gavin’s video:



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