The Dirty Rossi R92 First Shots

During filming my phone ran out of storage space, so this is the little footage I did manage to get. Using 3 different brands of ammo 357 Mag Remington JSP worked well, Perfecta 38 SPL also worked well no problems. I purchased Fiocchi 158 gr 357 Mag from the range ($25.99/50rds ouch), problem after problem resulted. Here’s the problem as I see it. Fiocchi ammo I purchased 1st had a truncated cone style bullet which made it somewhat difficult to chamber at times. Also had 2 FTF on the 1st 2 rounds. Could it have been the new gun??? Not sure, but later these 2 rounds fired after re-chambering them. Overall I like this R92 very much and will cast and reload for it in the near future. Thanks for stopping by.

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