Stage 1.5 Brass Annealing

Most of what I have done on my journey down the rabbit hole of reloading has been done on a constrained budget. I often see a product or someone else’s project and think, “I can do that!” A brass annealer is one such project in my sights. I should probably just buy an Annealeez and be done with it. At $275 it is a very capable machine and will probably serve me well for many years. But I’m not like that, I have the tinker gene in me somewhere, so I’ll probably spend about $30 on something that will work well enough for my hobbyist needs. I’m calling this level Stage 1.5.

Stage 1 is what I have been doing hereto before, manually turning brass with my fingers or using a socket on a cordless drill to turn the brass in a flame. Stage 1.5 is somewhere in between. Yes it’s motorized and I can anneal consistently with no burned fingers or holding a drill steady in the sweet spot of a flame, but it is just the first step. Currently the entire setup is on a 18″x18″ piece of peg board clamped in a vice, once the wrinkles are flattened out it will be cut down to minimal size and a 2″x4″ frame with legs made for it.

There are some induction annealers out there, but the cost is prohibitive for my needs. I am exploring building an inductor rig that will be simple in operation, compact and elegant if I can pull it off.

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