Making & Shooting Cast Bullets in the Desert Eagle 50AE? Of Course!!! (Step By Step Process!)

Several years ago, I purchased a lightly used brushed-chrome model of the Desert Eagle handgun chambered in 50 Action Express.  Finding the .50 cal bullets for it has been tricky at times–other times it has been quite expensive.  To save money and to not be reliant on bullet availability at the local or online shops, I decided I would start to shoot cast bullets in my Desert Eagle.  I helped design/draw up a new bullet mold to get the exact bullet that I wanted.  Al from NOE was gracious enough to produce my mold and make some extras so that others could also enjoy the mold.  The bullet mold model is called the NOE HTC502-325-FN-BZ2 and can be found at the following link: mold link  Some have asked if I have had any leading problems shooting these bullets–and the answer is no.  The coated cast bullets seem to get the job done without any leading in my Desert Eagle.  Enjoy the video!

–Mister Taco

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