Casting, Reloading, and Range Time with Some Old Friends

I finally got to cast, reload, and go to the range.

I haven’t been able to do any bullet casting, reloading, or make any trips to the gun range in about 3 months. I finally had a chance to do all three, so I grabbed the mold for one of my favorite bullets, the Lyman 429421, which is Elmer Keith’s famous bullet for the .44 Special and .44 Magnum.

I made an adjustment to the ventilation on my bullet casting bench. You can find the 2 videos about setting up that bench here:
My New Mobile Bullet Casting Bench
My New Mobile Bullet Casting Bench – Part 2 – Ventilation

Then I cast up a pile of bullets, powder coated them (with Eastwood Ford Light Blue and Eastwood Mirror Red), and sized them.

I loaded those in .44 Magnum cases with 20.5 grn of 2400 and 10 grn of Unique. I then loaded a bunch into .44 Special cases with 7.5 grn of Unique which is often known as the “Skeeter load”, named for Skeeter Skelton.

I took these to the range to shoot in my S&W 29 which has a 6.5″ barrel, and in my S&W 629 which has a 3″ barrel.

It felt great to be casting, reloading, and shooting again!

How about you? Do you have any favorite bullets or loads or firearms that you would reach for first after a long break? Comment below and let’s talk about your favorites.

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