10mm 180gr Round Nose Hard Cast Loads (Casting, Coating, Loading, & Shooting)

Howdy Folks!
For this video today, I go through the entire process of casting, powdercoating, loading, and shooting some hard cast round nose bullets using the high quality NOE bullet mold for my 10mm handguns.  I had wanted a round nose bullet for 10mm plinking loads.  Something that would feed simply and flawlessly in each of my 10mm handguns and carbines.  This bullet mold seems to do the trick.  These loads are not light loads, but they are not top end either–they are just a good “plinking load” for the 10mm.  They hit the steel hard, but wouldn’t be recommended for hunting purposes or anything like that.  If you own a 10mm and want to practice with it inexpensively, this load might be for you!

Links below of the gear I used in the video:

Don’t forget to use coupon code flt001 to save a few bucks at the NOE site
Link to the NOE bullet mold used in this video: 180gr Round Nose
Link to the replacement mold guide: NOE Replacement Mold Guide
Link to the gas check seating die: Gas Check Seating Die
Link to the bushing push through sizing die: Bushing Sizing Die
Link to my favorite clear powder coat powder: Glass Clear Powder Coating Powder
Link to my favorite sprue whacker: Mould Mallet
Link to the casting pot: Lyman Mag 25
Link to the makers of my steel targets and hanging kits: BuckEyeTargets
Link to my RCBS hand primer: Universal Hand Primer
Link to my hornady reloading press: Hornady Press

Music Used:
Pluck It Up by Dan Henig
Wrong by Dan Henig
Leslie’s Strut by John Deley and the 41 Players


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