Odd Range Day

Early Morning To Meet My Gunsmith, Then Off To The Range

I introduced a good friend of mine to my gunsmith a few weeks back. He received a call earlier this week that his rifles and pistols were ready. So we got up early this morning and made the 45 minute drive north, picked up everything and headed right to the range.

He dropped off a Colt Detective Special with a slight timing issue, FixedOdd Range Day 3

He dropped off a real Marlin 1894 Octagon Barrel in 38spl/357magnum to have a tang sight mounted. Unfortunately the holes from factory were not drilled center or in alignment so it made this difficult for the home project. Fixed

Lever actions are so much fun, he brought along his Marlin 39a 22LR also. Awesome combo of rifles. The 9422 was my superfan and the 1894 my Hero.

Odd Range Day 5

From 25 yards standing they both shot very accurately once we had the sights dialed in. I have to say, for non-target ammo I was pleased with myself to hold these groups with iron sights. The 357Magnum ammo was 158gr Blazer brass.

Odd Range Day 7

Odd Range Day 9

He then surprised me and pulled out what he called two very old 22’s he has not shot in a while. I can see a Ruger 22 video day with these coming up. One has a beautiful blue finish done by no other than Mr. Clark, Sr.

Odd Range Day 11 Odd Range Day 13 Odd Range Day 15 Mr. Clark we miss you and many years later your work is still holding up. Targets shot from 25 yards.

Odd Range Day 17 Odd Range Day 19 Odd Range Day 21

We finally got around to testing an STI Apeiro. After the gunsmithing work it makes this pistol truly One Of A Kind. Can you spot what’s different?

Odd Range Day 23

Odd Range Day 25

Odd Range Day 27

What a fun day. Today we shot a little of everything. Though I enjoy making videos this will go down as one of the most exhilarating days on the range in a long time. Had the steel range not been occupied this would have just been over the top.

So leave comments, do you know what makes the STI Apeiro so special?

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