AR-15 Pistols: 1st Shots with the .300 BLK and .458 SOCOM

This is a function check and the first shots fired from my new AR-15 pistols.

Several months ago I bought a 10.5″ fast twist 1:10 .458 SOCOM pistol upper from Tromix and an 8.5″ .300 BLK pistol upper with lower build kit, plus a lower, from Palmetto State Armory. I am using the same lower with both uppers.

I found this kit on sale from PSA: PSA 8.5″ .300 AAC BLACKOUT 1:7 NITRIDE 7″ LIGHTWEIGHT M-LOK MOE EPT SBA3 PISTOL KIT – 5165449761

And bought this lower from them as well: PSA AR-15 LOWER SAFE/FIRE – 1728

Many thanks to Starline Brass for providing the brass for both pistols!
Starline Brass website
Starline Brass at Brownells

I bought my Hexmags from GunMag Warehouse: Hexmags

The bullets in this video were cast from these two NOE molds:
(Use code “LOB001” to get 10% off your order at NOE.)

Here are the sights I used in this video:
Feyachi Flip Up Iron Backup Sights
Field Sport Red and Green Micro Dot Sight
Monstrum Lockdown Series Adjustable Height Picatinny Riser Mount with Quick Release

And here is the video where the lower was assembled: Building an AR-15 Lower – Loads of Bacon and Full.Lead.Taco Assemble Together! (w/ OzarkSpirit)


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