S&W Victory – Factory vs Volquartsen Barrel 50yd line – In A Ransom Rest

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Being an early adopter can be costly. This S&W Victory is one of the first off of the assembly line with a serial number under 1K. Had I known S&W would be coming out with threaded barrel shortly after release, I probably would have waited.

Instead I purchased a threaded Volquartsen barrel because my suppressor was due any day. Over the past few years this pistol has been outstanding. With its notoriety of being a entry level match grade 22 I thought what better way to test it than with a recently refurbished Ransom Rest. I originally tested indoors from 15 to 20 yards here https://thereloadersnetwork.com/2018/10/20/sw-victory-factory-vs-volquartsen-barrel/

I received a bit of criticism for the short distance and having wasted money on the Volquartsen Barrel. Though the stock barrel is very nice there is a reason Smith and Wesson has released their Victory Performance Center versions enhancing this pistols quality even more.

With such a beautiful day I could not waste it getting my honey do list done and decided it was an awesome time to get the Ransom Rest back out.

To do this right I fired 10 settling shots off target to make sure the pistol in the rest was settled. The things I do for range-fans ? seems like work, but I do enjoy the more technical evaluations the Ransom Rest affords me.

I have had many requestS to get the Ransom Rest back out and will try to do more testing with it because I do enjoy it. The good folks over at Ransom International really knows how to engineer great equipment for us shooters. If you want to know what your rifle or pistol is capable of, removing the human element, give them a call.

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