US Optics TS-20X Review: Tier 1 mechanical precision and optical clarity; half the price.

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US Optics is well known for producing top-tier rifle scopes and spotting scopes that combine unbeatable optical clarity with unstoppable mechanical precision and a rugged build. Owners pay dearly for those features. I remember building my dream scope on the US Optics website a few years back, ending up with a monster optic and a price tag to match: nearly $4,000. While still producing those hard-use behemoths, US Optics has started producing scopes that are a bit more portable and a lot more attainable. Their 1-6x TS-6X model is the finest LPVO I’ve ever looked through.

Today we’re looking at the TS-20X, a scope that can function in either the DMR role or as a long range scope. Its wide 2.5-20x zoom range means you can deal with everything at unreasonably close or unreasonably far distances, especially when you add in the whopping 32 MRAD of elevation adjustment. Depending on which reticle you choose, you can make all of your adjustments without touching a turret, or you can use the turrets to dial precisely and reliably to the exact spot you want. Both work, and I tested both at the range with my 6.5 Creedmoor Savage 12FV.

Optical resolution, color, and contrast are all there in spades, and there is shockingly little chromatic distortion, even with my eye well off-axis. Add in the reticle illumination, 10-yard parallax adjustment, and overall light weight, and you have a real knockout punch for the price range.

Also shown is the ZRO Delta M4 DLOC mount, which provides secure lockup, a stout build, and another shockingly low weight. It may not be a good match for this rifle, but if you have a flat-top rifle like the Stealth Evolution or an AR like the CMMG Endeavor, it’s just the ticket.

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Kyle Broderick, The Social Regressive

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