22LR at 500 Yards! Tikka T1x Ivey Adjustable Scope Base test

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For this trip I’m testing out my new Ivey Adjustable scope base available in MILs or MOA it makes extreme long range shots possible with the ability to add tons of elevation to the optic. My rifle is a completely custom Tikka T1x with an aftermarket barrel from Preferred Barrel Blanks it has a two stage Timney 1lb Tikka T3 trigger. It is riding in the excellent MDT LSS-RF chassis with the 20moa scope base and skeleton lite stock with folding adapter. Anarchy outdoors has a enlarged mag release that makes mag changes quick and easy. Scope is a Vortex PST genII 5-25. 500 yards is no joke with a 22 but I think we got excellent performance from such a small cartridge at this distance.

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