Redneck Brass Prep Center 2.0

Just over a year ago I posted my meager attempt at an all-in-one brass prep center based off of a Little Crow Gun Works World’s Finest Trimmer.  Although a qualified (It worked) success, it lacked much elegance and left brass all over my bench. A catch tray and later a strategically placed vacuum cleaner hose helped. Two weeks later I changed employment and my tinkering and reloading time dropped drastically.

Recently I acquired a bench top drill press in trade and started pondering how to incorporate it into my brass prep routine. I wanted to attach a vacuum to the World’s Finest Trimmer and had envisioned using some combination of a straight run PVC Y fitting with the WFT inside and the vacuum hose on the open leg.

Redneck Brass Prep Center 2.0 3

Then I left work one day with an empty container that had contained lock-wire with a nice screw-on lid and an idea.

Redneck Brass Prep Center 2.0 5

Redneck Brass Prep Center 2.0 7

Redneck Brass Prep Center 2.0 9

Redneck Brass Prep Center 2.0 11

A few holes drilled, a vacuum connected and I was off to the races, with future modifications already in mind.


Brass prep center 3.0 parts are en-route from Amazon and I hope to have more to report in the next week or so.

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