FW Arms Decapping Die

FW Arms Decapping Die 3

After watching several videos of this newish die, with myself being without a dedicated decapping die, I ordered one.

The website was a bit troublesome to get to the Web Shopping Cart but finally got it going from the top again. There was no direct link. Arrrggggggghhhhhh!!! After I had looked around at all the stuff they have so far and then tried to order one, I had 17, yep 17, in my Cart. I would add one and could not get to the Cart. Anyway, that solved and $55 later, plus some shipping, one was on the way.  Apparently they are still working on getting their shipping tracking numbers to the customers in emails. But they did get it out quick and got it in short order.

The Die itself is beautiful. Out of 350 pieces of brass this afternoon I had only one that felt funny, so I stopped, backed up, it recentered on its own and away we go. No problems with 100 .357 Magnums, 200 10mm, and 50 .300 Win Mag with nothing but a shell holder change. I suppose this is probably not too unusual, but was nice.

I normally have more trouble using normal dies for sizing, flaring, etc… with my regular dies the brass would hit the bottom several times during a session. This centered very well. It always bothered me and why I never had one before. This worked exceptionally well.

I did not test the punch test of the other videos but that hardest point would kill I am sure. The Die comes with 3 extra tips, wrench, and thread locker. Also, they sell small flash hole tips too.

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