**How to Install a Prefit Barrel** Preferred Barrel Blanks Headspace and Torque Barrel Nut Prefits

See our blog post about installing our barrel here: http://bit.ly/32bQoGp

This is an instructional video on how to properly install one of our Preferred Barrel prefit barrels that utilize a barrel nut for an adjustable shoulder to properly set headspace on factory actions. This video applies to all different versions of our barrel nut for all types of actions that we sell prefits for. If you have a shouldered barrel prefit you will need a barrel vise and action wrench to get it torqued to spec. For this how-to we used the most basic tools necessary to install the barrel to show that this can be an at-home project. Some websites will rent go gauges for a reasonable cost to set your barrel up correctly. We also recommend having a local gunsmith set your headspace if you do not have the correct tools or are uncomfortable trying this by yourself. Having a prefit barrel can be very helpful if you shoot high volume and go through barrels often this is a great way to get a do it yourself option to get you back on the range.

Prefit barrel builder link: http://bit.ly/2CcGPfZ



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