Redneck Brass Prep Center 3.0

I bring my DIY brass prep center to it’s conclusion. Could or should I have just bought a commercial solution like the Frankford Arsenal? Maybe, but I already had a World Finest Trimmer before the Frankford Arsenal unit with the universal trimmer came to market. I had purchased a primer pocket ream and primer pocket brushes a couple years ago as well. What I really had eyes for was the Hornady Case Prep Center, but I am unwilling to drop that kind of money to prep brass; that’s enough money to buy another unloader.

There were a few mis-steps along the way that are not on the video. I measured every dimension and thought I had enough clearance between them motors and the opening of the bottom box … negative. In hind-sight I should have just moved the motors closer to the center of the plate. I may (or not) get a new plate and do so.  Also the 2.0 unit had a 3″ magnet attached to the bottom that I will be transferring to the 3.0 unit to allow it to sit firmly on the drill press table without sliding when reaming primer pockets.



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