Testing Expansion of Hornady 90gr XTP 9mm In Water

Back in October I put together some light for caliber loads in 9mm with 90gr Hornady XTP bullets and Titegroup powder. My top load of 4.9gr of Titegroup averaged 1416fps. It was discussed at the time about seeing what kind of expansion I was getting, and today was the day.

I had decided to dial them back to 4.8gr of Titegroup as the 4.9gr load were getting rather brisk recoil and the primers were flattened with just a hint of cratering. So my daughter and I loaded up a mess of water jugs and went to the range. Fun ensued.

Testing Expansion of Hornady 90gr XTP 9mm In Water 3
Someone is going to get wet, probably me.

I had recalled my 4.8gr and 4.9gr loads being above 1,400fps, however after reviewing my data the 4.8gr loads were around 1,385fps on a 90ºF plus October day. I had one round that did not register and one that was 1,459fps; I’m still not sure what happened there. Today at 67ºF the 4.8gr load was making low 1,300’s.



In conclusion, I will not be changing from my carry load of alternating Hornady Critical Defense and Federal Hydroshock. Though the velocity and penetration is impressive, the expansion lags behind both the Critical Defense and Hydroshock.

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